Police Suggest You Use This For Self-Defense

tactical flashlight


Americans all over are scrambling to get their hands on this specific new form of self-defense used and accepted by police departments across the country.

The alternative, it turns out isn't a new taser or combating style but the tactical flashlight. Now, the public has access to the same weapon police use to subdue criminals in hand-to-hand combat.

Here's the rationale why people across the country are grabbing these flashlights by the case.

Recently, My Crisis Gear revealed the CREE XML T6 Tactical Flashlight which allows users to not only find their way around dark locations, but wield a powerful weapon.

Here's how the CREE XML T6 helps Americans defend themselves:

Contrary to run of the mill flashlights, the CREE XML T6 harnesses the power of a 3800 Lumen LED bulb. This bulb is bright enough to momentarily blind an assaulter, giving you time to land the first strike and escape.

tactical flashlight

Solely stated, a would be criminal can not hurt what they can not see.

Next, the CREE XML T6 is built with an aircraft-grade aluminum body which gives you a lightweight, yet hard surface to strike to disable an attacker. Just one well-placed blow can incapacitate even the toughest criminal.

My Crisis Gear has stated they are giving away limited supplies of the CREE XML T6 Tactical Flashlight. To learn more about how you can get one of your own for with FREE SHIPPING, click here.

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